Working towards the goal together

Become part of H2ercules

Expanding the hydrogen network in Germany requires many factors that combined will make the project a success. These include expanding the pipeline network for generating hydrogen and supplying customers with the energy. OGE and RWE have these extensive fields covered. RWE, as a leader in generating both electricity and green hydrogen, and OGE, as a leader in the transportation of energy in gas form, combine the essential preconditions and the will to give shape to the project. As part of the H2ercules project, RWE looks after generating the green hydrogen, serves with its gas-fired power stations also as an anchor customer, and ensures a balancing of the volatile H2-production and the almost constant and flat H2-offtake via its planned H2-storages. OGE takes charge of transporting the hydrogen to the customers.

Pool strengths – Achieve big results – Become a partner

Together OGE and RWE take care of the necessary size and seriousness of, and commitment to the H2ercules project. For the next steps, both companies are open to participation by additional partners that want to become a part of the project in order to make their own contribution towards the ramp-up of the hydrogen market. If we’ve stirred your interest, you can contact us at any time via the button below. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

Olaf Winter

Press spokesman of RWE

Niko Bosnjak

Head of Communication & Energy Policy, OGE