The hydrogen fast track for Germany

The goal of the H2ercules initiative is to create the heart of a super-sized hydrogen infrastructure for Germany by 2030. To make this happen, RWE, OGE and, prospectively, other partners are working across various steps of the value chain to enable a swift supply of hydrogen from the north of Germany to consumers in the southern and western areas of the country. In addition to producing hydrogen at a gigawatt scale, the plan is also to open up import routes for green hydrogen. The transport process will involve a pipeline network of about 1,500 km, most of which will consist of converted gas pipelines.

H2ercules – a hydrogen fast track for Germany

Working together towards the goal of making hydrogen accessible for all 

The planned H2ercules project was initiated by the collaboration between OGE and RWE as its basis. It is not an exclusive arrangement, however: Rather, the two companies are on the lookout for additional partners that are motivated to join the project and actively help to shape the future of the hydrogen economy.

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Hydrogen – on the way to climate neutrality

Hydrogen is the primary energy source of the future. See here to learn how the first element on the Periodic Table is used to contribute to a climate-neutral, affordable and safe supply of energy and raw materials, and the potentials it offers.

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